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Photography Book Design/

Project Name: Typography Journey

Category: Book Design

Instructor: Stanley Zienka

Semester: Spring 2019


This project is to design a book that records a period. During this time we can use photographs and articles to record. The most important part of this project is to make
a difference. Different designs, typography, and photos.


In this book I recorded some of the most beautiful places in San Francisco to see the sunset and take pictures, and also the book provided the readers with a way to get to those places and how to set the camera. The articles in this book were a combination
of my observations and some poetry.

BookDesign 1.jpg
BookDesign 2.jpg
BookDesign 3.jpg
BookDesign 4.jpg
BookDesign 5.jpg
BookDesign 6.jpg
BookDesign 7.jpg
BookDesign 8.jpg
BookDesign 9.jpg
BookDesign 10.jpg
BookDesign 11.jpg
BookDesign 13.jpg
BookDesign 14.jpg
BookDesign 12.jpg
BookDesign 15.jpg
BookDesign 17.jpg
BookDesign 16.jpg
BookDesign 19.jpg
BookDesign 18.jpg
BookDesign 20.jpg

    2020 Kai Feng.

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