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Black & 

White Poster/

Project Name: Black & White Poster

Category: Poster Design

Instructor: Stanley Zienka

Semester: Spring 2019


This project is to design a Black & White poster. I need to choose a word, and use the word's meaning to be the poster's concept. 


The word which I choose was "Noice", the concept of the poster was people who are living in the city are all around the noise, however they do not realize that. People who live in noise can not hear anything and can affect their brain. It can even affect how
long people live. The purpose of making this poster is to make people aware of their living environment and reduce some unnecessary noise or keep away from the noise.

B&W 拷贝.jpg
B&W poster3.jpg
B&W poster.jpg

Process Posters

B&W poster2.jpg
B&W poster4 拷贝.jpg

Final Posters

BWposter 拷贝.jpg

    2020 Kai Feng.

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