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Project Name: Animal Protection

Category: Branding Design

Instructor: David Hake

Semester: Summer 2019


The purpose of this project is to use graphic design to solve the problems in the world. Address a problem and present engaging and relevant solutions in a visual way. Identify relevant audience and stakeholders. 


There are many animals in SF that are really facing extinction. We should pay more attention to these animals and learn how to protect them and their living habits. My audience is children. My overall style is an illustration. This will make it easier for children to accept.

poster mock up 拷贝.jpg
posters 3 new_复制-1 拷贝.jpg
posters 3 new-2 拷贝.jpg
posters 3 new-3 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 13 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 8 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 2 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 5 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 4 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 11 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 12 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 7 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 13 2.jpg
BookDesign 14 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 15 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 16 拷贝.jpg
BookDesign 17 拷贝.jpg

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